Monday, June 3, 2019

Bike parts are…

. Wheel
. Pedals

WALT: Analyse the importance of the parts

I think all the bicycle parts are important except the bell because you can shout MOVE! Without pedals you would get  tired from pushing with your feet on the ground. Without the handlebars you could not steer the bike. Without reflectors you would be run over because the driver can't see you in the dark. The seat makes the ride a lot more comfortable and without it would be uncomfortable. Without the frame the bike wouldn't be a bike, It would just be small pieces scattered on the ground because the frame holds the bike together.

Part Whole Map

Part Whole Map

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Little Shoe Shop

The little shoe shop

A guy named Louis lived in a little shoe shop he had big square glasses. He also had a thick mustache twirling like a furn and he was very petite. He lived and worked in the shoe shop. The shoe shop had a drenched roof. On the front on the top of a dusty window was a old, Posh looking sign what said cordonnerie. The door was oval with a chalky window. When a lady walked bye suddenly she stopped and these cute magenta high heels caught the corner of her eye. She was happy. Until…..

Right when she was about to pay a van Came. inside Squishing out was a thin man ho had red curly hair and a pointed nose he was tall and he's name was William all he wanted was stealing peoples costermo. All the time he wears white gloves. Behind hem was a van. There was a two small wheels on the front and two big wheel at the back. The van was small. but with a flick of a button a hole lot of shoes appeared the lady gaspt in excitement and ran over to the track. Louis was disappointed in his selve so what he talk his glories heals outside and range the bill for the lady's attention. The lady almost came back until~ a flick of a button there were signs everywhere with very low prices.

Overnight he made some cool shoes ready for the morning. In the morning he put them out and then...
William press a button and then a hole more better shoes came out. Lois looked at Williams shoes and then looked at hes then at Williams and then he's. he granted.
He was running out of money. The next day he was wearing a sign what said 20% and he was holding a bill what he used to get people's attention. Next day he had a sign said 60% Then 95%.

That night he opened his money tray it was empty. William just kept taking his cosmerters! Lois sighd.Until william sweeped a little paper through the mail opener. It  gently drifted to the ground. he wanted to buy his business, right before he was about to sign the contrast the shoes brang a pear of cool shoes a bucket of paint and some shoes. The very next day lues went out bravely face to face to his enemy with a box and the contrast paper. The man looked at the paper then unpainted snatched the box out of his hands. William sighed and turned around he walked back with his head facing the floor.

Then suddenly the shoes instantly controlled the mans feet. Lois looked behind him the man did the splits then he ran away a few days later loses life was good until another shoe owner came with his van and pushed  the other one away. Lois clenched his fists ready for another shoe off.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

My Taonga

My Taonga

My taonga is a neck breaker. My neck breaker has a black wooden handle and on the top, it has a pattern. Next to the pattern is a little turtle picture. Also on the top is a wooden, dark brown colour. It is used to break people's necks (in the old days). I got this weapon from Fiji. I’ve had this special weapon for one whole year.

This weapon is special because I got it in the first country I have ever been too. When I got this weapon I was only eight years old.                                                                               It was not only my first time in a new country but it was my first time on the cruise.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Roller Coaster

Crackle, Crackle, Crackle, The enlarged working machine went higher and higher up the non-stop hill. Until it was dead silence.
Everyone's heart started racing.
They were breathing faster and faster.
Then boom crackle, boom crackle the roller coaster went non-stop.
Everyone was going side to side.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh everyone screamed while waving  their arms in the air.
The vehicle was going up and down up and down with mighty speed.

Clickety, clackety, clickely, clackety. The roller coaster went up the track.

With a whoosh and a squeal down the smooth rails of the track, the roller coaster went back to the start.

Bike parts are… . Wheel . Pedals .Bell .Handlebar .Reflectors .Seat .Frame WALT: Analyse the importance of the parts I...